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Magic Mushrooms in the Crystal Garden

171 N Lake St
Big Lake MN 55309

Hi! I’m Kristin Wolf (Adams) and I am the Creatrix of the Magic Mushrooms in the Crystal Garden store and community. 31 Years ago I graduated from Big Lake High School, and although I have never lived far away, I have not had a lot to do with the Big Lake community during those years. Through those years I have lived a life steeped in the need for chaos, people, been a people pleaser, and lived a fast paced life filled with drama, stressful job, and ultimately sickness. That life made my body sick because I did not let go of what did not serve me. For 3 years I have been on a personal journey to let that life go, that pain go, that sickness go. I am still on that journey, but along the way I have been gifted with new eyes, a different perspective and a different way to live. Yes I have certifications, but honestly even more I have understanding. The universe has gifted me with a community of many people who have this understanding also, this gift to teach and to share healing. 

Magic Mushrooms in the Crystal Garden is here to serve the people who are ready to go on this personal quest for themselves. To be the seeker of what their mind, body and spirt needs. If it is for you, you will come. We do not exist in the realm of religions, but outside of that, we live in the realm of acceptance. We don’t project belief, but we work to help you find your inner knowing, your path for healing, and your movement towards your light and love. 

We offer many different classes, personal healing sessions, readings of many types, circles, private parties tailored to your needs, Blessingways for pregnant women, First Blood Ceremonies for girls who newly have their Divine Feminine gift. What resonates is what is for you, and we suggest you trust your intuition when selecting. The shop has crystals, jewelry, aromatherapy, divination tools, teas and holistic supplements, including Alphay pharmaceutical grade coffee, tea and cleansing supplements. We feature artists, and are currently 100% Goddess owned and operated, however we have an equal amount or respect for the Masculine and we call in all that are called to our "Come - Unity". 

We offer something for everyone, so stop by and take a look. We are open Thursdays and Fridays from 12 pm to 7 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm Any other days are available by appointment. Please message me at 612-805-7111, or email My roots have called me back to be of service to Big Lake, and the surrounding area and I am pleased to be back in my hometown.

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