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Arvig Media

Becker MN 55308
150 2nd St SW
Perham MN 56573
Att: Accounts Payable, 150 2nd St. SW
Perham MN 56573
Eric Hanson - Media Account Executive

Arvig Media is a full-service marketing agency offering a wide variety of services including web design , SEO, social media marketing, and so much more! 

Media Account Executive for the Big Lake area is Eric Hanson, representing Arvig Media in the area since June of 2019. Coming out of Becker, Eric works with many of the area businesses on their websites, online marketing and social media. Originally from the hospitality industry, Eric has worked in, or for, small businesses his entire career. "My most highly held professional goal is helping businesses surpass their goals, and knowing I had some part of them getting there."

"At Arvig Media we create stunning, custom websites for your business." "A great website on it's own, however, is like a beautiful home built out in the woods, with no roads leading to it. At Arvig we build the roads and then the street signs and billboards on those roads that lead to your custom built website."

email 320-493-4364

Arvig Media can get your business to show at the top of the Google search page when people search for your products or services.

Arvig Media can create a tailored ad and target it to be shown to those interested in what you provide as they search the internet.

Arvig Media can broaden your social media reach through managing your posts or targeting ads to expose more people to your business.

Arvig Media will make your online presence outperform the competition and grow your business.

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